Try Jupyter, powered by JupyterLite#


A tour of Jupyter and IPython, powered by JupyterLite.

✨ Try it in your browser ✨#


Clicking the link above should load a JupyterLab environment running in your browser. Open the Introductory notebook at content/Intro.ipynb to get started.

About this repository#

This is a demonstration repository meant for use at It uses the JupyterLite project to embed a self-contained Jupyter environment in the browser, along with many popular packages in scientific computing.

It uses GitHub pages to serve the JupyterLite bundle, and is accessible at

How to edit these notebooks#

The notebooks in this repository are written with JupyterLite kernels, so if you edit them locally, you will likely over-write the kernel information with your local kernels. As such, the easiest way to make edits to them is to do so via the Try Jupyter Page. Make the edits you wish at that URL, then download the notebook and replace the one in a repository locally.